Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Is there a coincidence here?  Before Susie and Justin became @2TLMShine, we were both writing about the kids we saw in front of us. Susie wrote about the quiet kids who can get lost easily while Justin wrote about those kids who fill our vision, who require so much energy. We both wrote about how we need to meet kids where they are, observe and listen carefully, ultimately LETting them SHINE. Herein lies the thread and the beginnings of our powerful writing partnership.  Thanks for joining us for the journey!

Back Door Kids

Watch the back door.

Some kids
show themselves
head on...

We know them,
they are the kids
who say our names
three times in a row.
Susie, Susie, Susie.

They are right in
of us.

I think the kids
who are
behind us
are the ones
we have to watch.
Carefully, deeply,
before they slip away.

Anita is one of these
back door kids.
Quiet, smiling,
rarely talking.

She has started
hugging me
from behind.

I've thought about
these hugs
the last few days.

She has a hard time
being seen.
But, being seen
is so important
for Anita.

If I didn't pay
close attention
to who was
behind me.

I might have missed her.

Who is your
back door student?
Are you seeing them?

Three Little Letters

I was reminded of the power
of three little letters...

In this case it was BUT

"BUT I love to talk, Mr. Dolci!"

This was the comment
from my little buddy Bryce
Spoken in the most genuinely
Innocent way
only a child possesses

These simple
three letters
and the powerful message
connected to them
made me realize that
the message
I was sending him
is that
"talking isn't a good thing"

And I don't believe that for a minute.

So how about we change
the "But I love to talk" to

"AND I love to talk!"

The power of AND...

In this case
it lets us hear
the Bryces
It lets us find ways
to help them
do the things
they love
It lets them shine


Those three little letters pack some big power!


  1. Thank you for celebrating the children who inspire us, teach us and sometimes confound us. There is no question in my mind that they have the most to teach us if we are willing to pay attention, soak in, acknowledge and respond to those lessons. I'm so privileged to have spent a career with these remarkable children and so honored that my good friends are honoring them in this blog!

    1. Dr. Mary Howard thank you so much for your comment. All of US teachers and students have been so lucky to learn from you...You exemplify careful observation of humans. We are continually struck by your growth mindset in all that you do. With sincere gratitude.

  2. Wonderful messages about the kids we see. We need to let each of them shine. Your poems capture the individual kids in a snapshot.

    1. Margaret, thank you so much for your comments. One child at a time we must observe carefully right? So honored to be learning alongside smart people like you!